Tenement Roofs

K&G Roofing Ltd are specialists in Tenement roofing. Using our mobile cherrypickers, we can quickly and safely access your tenement roof for inspection, repair and re-roofing.

We work on tenement roofs across Greater Glasgow and have a very good reputation with Housing Associations for quality of work, value for money and efficiency.

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Tile Roofs

Interlocking concrete roofing tiles are the choice for many new build and re-roofing projects. Long lasting and economic, a tiled roof requires minimal maintenance, and should last a lifetime with care.

K&G Roofing are experts in tile roofing and work in conjunction with architects and leading manufacturers such as Marley and Redland to specify, design and construct tiled roofs in the Glasgow area.

While tiled roofs are hard wearing and long lasting, they should be inspected and maintained to prevent problems. Unlike slate, tile roofs can be susceptible to moss build up which can cause problems, and cracked tiles will cause water penetration and will need to be replaced.

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Slate Roofs

Slate roofs were the natural choice for hundreds of years, and are probably still the longest lasting roofing material. There are many different types of slate, including Scottish slate from places including Ballachulish, Aberfoyle and Seil, which still adorn many roofs in Glasgow, although no roofing slate has been quarried in Scotland for over 50 years.

K&G Roofing can maintain your slate roof replacing broken or missing slates with new or reconditioned ones. Our slaters are highly skilled and have considerable experience of slate roof repair.

We also re-roof and build new roofs in slate, sometimes to meet conservation area or listed building stipulations, often for their inherent durability and appearance. New slates are often imported, with Spanish slate being a reasonable match for Scottish slate colouration. Traditional Scottish slating practices such as diminishing courses, smaller at the top, can be incorporated so a new slate roof will blend in and not look out of place. Modern slate roofs are built with a breathable felt layer between the sarking boards and the slates which should protect the roof structure in the case of damage.


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Roof Repair & Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your roof is essential, regardless of your roof type. Replacing broken tiles and slates, cleaning gutters and repairing cracked leadwork will prevent a small problem becoming very expensive, and causing structural damage to your property. A regular maintenance check will identify any problems and 

With cyclical maintenance plans, K&G Roofing works with Glasgow housing associations, property owners and factors to proactively repair tenement roofs, a cost-effective solution to keeping them problem free and maintaining the property’s integrity and value.

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Roofline, Guttering, Rooflights & Leadwork


Fascias, soffits, cappings, dry verge, sills – we fix and maintain all types of roofline in Glasgow.


Guttering is very important in wet Glasgow, and a leaking gutter can soon cause problems for the rest of the house. K&G Roofing can fix and maintain all your roof gutters and downpipes (rones), and ensure that they have sufficient capacity for our wet weather.


From installing large lanterns to the smallest Velux, K&G Roofing can make your roofspace a brighter place. Integrating rooflights can require structural changes to your roof, and we have the knowledge and expertise to do this safely. Dormer windows often need maintenance, and again, K&G Roofing can help.


We use lead for many roofing applications including valleys, flashings, soakers, cladding and cappings. Leadwork is a specialist trade and we have the expertise and experience to install and maintain lead roofing in the Glasgow area. 


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Chimney Repair & Removal

Chimneys are often a cause of roofing problems, and can be dangerous if not kept in a well maintained state. Crumbling masonry, loose chimney pots, cracked flashings, birds nests and damp penetration are just some of the problems that chimneys can experience.

K&G Roofing can inspect and maintain your chimneys, preventing small problems from developing into major works.

We can also cap or remove chimneys completely, if the chimney stack is no longer required. 

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Chimney being removed
Chimney being removed